4 Jul 2019 Contrails are condensation trails left in the sky when the water in aircraft engine exhaust condenses to form artificial clouds. Contrails may last a 



Han är skaparen av webbplatserna Contrail Science och Metabunk , och han påståenden och konspirationsteorier som chemtrails och UFO . den årliga konferensen av CSI, CSICon , med titeln ”Expert Framkallande vs. piloter filmat inifrån cockpiten på chemtrail plan som flyger under dom så detta snack om höjd för att försöka snacka bort inga contrails alls vs  CHEMTRAILS - Varför himlen sällan är blå längre… Dessa contrails bildas när uppvärmd vattenånga från  E. Compare You Tube clips of UFOs. On the Internet there are B. Discuss in pairs.

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Den officiella förklaringen angående dessa rökstrimmor är att de är kondensationsstrimmor. Engelska: “condensation trails” eller “contrails“. Kondensation innebär omvandling av en gas till vätska eller ett fast ämne. Seriously – there is no such thing as chemtrails.

Chemtrails Vs Contrails. 498 likes · 5 talking about this. This page has been created for the purpose of finding out the T̲R̲U̲T̲H̲ about Chemtrails, are

23 Aug 2016 No. Scientists call them contrails. Conspiracy theorists call them chemtrails.

18 Nov 2015 Slide Notes. Welcome and cover topic for todays presentation and why it is practical (the amount of conspiracy theories out there makes it 

Chemtrails Vs Contrails. July 20, 2019 ·.

Chemtrail. A. A contrail dispurses. A chemtrail spreads into cloud cover and sometimes has fallout (cob-web like filaments, red/yellow powders, milky-white fluid).
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Contrails vs chemtrails

Learn the difference between contrails and  14 Aug 2016 Airplane, Blue, Daytime, Aircraft, Event, Air show, Flight, Aviation. Contrails, or condensation trails, are the linear clouds formed by jet engines  23 Aug 2013 Even on days with a clear blue sky, the skies aren't completely empty. We're all used to seeing those great white streaks across the sky behind  6 Jul 2017 A remarkable video has emerged of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner spewing out a thick cloud of vapour as it flies over Russia. Thus, the hypothesis that chemtrails exist is disproven by the scientific literature that shows that they are the exact same entity as contrails: They are hydrological   18 Aug 2016 This would be a really funny story if so many people didn't take this stuff seriously. 23 Aug 2016 No. Scientists call them contrails.

II. Purposes (??? weather modification, protection from ozone holes, bio-vaccination, culling - ???) A. Weather modification.
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Heat from aircraft engines produces condensation trails that can be clearly seen from the ground. A small but vocal segment of the population 

In addition, conspiracy theorists latch on to anecdotal evidence that connect epidemics of flulike symptoms to instances of contrails.